Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Balloons and Bulls

So we visited "The Great Park" last week, which, as it turns out, was not so great and not so much a park as it was just a big "sustainable" lawn with little shade and nothing to do. Actually, I knew it was only the preview park, but for some reason I thought there would be some kind of preview of what was to be built on the giant patch of land that used to be El Toro Marine base.

We went because they advertised free balloon rides over the area to view the park from the air. The balloon ride was kinda cool, (though it left me singing "Up, up and Away in my beautiful . . ." for hours), but the wait was LONG and the park was HOT and pretty lame. Little bit was very good for the entire ordeal, and she loved the big orange "balle balle balle!" But once we got in the air she didn't want to look out, she just wanted to run around the circle that was the balloon basket. When we left an hour and half later (the balloon ride is ten minutes) she was totally worn out. (more pics here)

All in all we learned that Orange County apparently needs more than ten years to build a park and that 4 out of 5 people know that song, "in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon!" But no one knows who sang it originally! (It's the Fifth Dimension thank you Google).

Then last weekend we checked out the OC Fair with Chris, Andrea, Jen, Travis and cousin Jordan. Isa LOVED the first ride she took with Jordan where she really got to drive.

Unfortunately it was the only one she liked - but she loved seeing all the animals, even the reptiles (after she figured out they were behind glass). I particularly liked the pigs - they were huge and they were the only ones she hesitated to pet - hmmm . . .

And what fair would be complete without the World's Largest Bull - over 7 feet tall and more than 11 feet in girth (insert poop joke here).

So we left after several hours, too many fried sweet things, and a very sleepy little bit - who had a very good time at her first fair (see all photos).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

16 Months and Talking . . .

I know it has been ages since I posted - I have no excuses, I guess we've just been enjoying the summer. It has been great to be home together as a family for several weeks now! Since there's no way to really catch up, I decided this post will have to just be picking up where we are now . . .

Isa just had her 16 month check up where she got more shots and measured in at 32.5 inches and 23 pounds. That puts her in the 95th percentile for height and the 55th for weight. My tall, skinny girl!

While at the doc, we were asked if she was talking - uh yeah - and how many words she knew. The doc looked incredulous when Francisco and I agreed on about 100. He believed us by the time we left as she had literally talked through the entire exam, but it got us thinking, so I started "A List of Words Isa Knows." I added to the list each day until I realized that she is learning so many knew words each day it would never be complete - but it was fun just sitting and thinking about all the cute stuff my little bit says. So here is our incomplete list of words little bit says . . .

People she knows (and calls by name)

Mama, Mommy

Dada, Daddy








Om Ilco





Food and Food related

bobble or baba (bottle)





all done


try it


agua, wawa


pan (spanish for bread - not as in pots and)



coke (relax, she knows it only as in “mommy’s coke”)

cookie (again, she calls the granola bars she shares with daddy her “cookies”)





banana (formerly badada and just recently learned to say to right)



out to eat (yes, I know)

butt (for butter - this cracks me up every time)



pizza (this is really just a quesadilla)

Toys and Play

Snoopy (pronounced “noopy”)




Ernie (as in Bert and)





purse (pronounced like horse with a p - “porse”)


socks (pronounced “cockth”)


quack quack

neigh (horse sound)


ruff ruff







animal (am-all)



buck (bucket)

ball, balle






color (this comes out “co-or”)

toys (pronounced tow-eeth much like toes (see below) but she knows the difference)


Body and other Misc.

oidos (I think Javier taught her this for ears, some disagree that is it correct as it is literally “hearers”)



toes (tow-eth - yes, you are correct is assuming that she has a little lisp - right now so cute, but we will stay on top of it as she gets older . . .)


nose (no-weth)




Poowah (pillow)

beebee (her binky)

night night






Some of my favorite phrases:

“Me need go Mommy”

“Yeah, let’s go buck” (let’s put the sand in the bucket - hee hee)

“Please mommy Elmo back on” (when I’ve turned off the TV after Elmo’s world - the only show she watches by the way)

“_______ goeth night night on the pooah” (insert favorite toy or person or article of clothing - everything goes night night except Isa!)

So we are captivated daily by our little bit and her cuteness . . . you can see her most recent laughing pictures here. And I will try to be better about blogging from here on out.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mama said don't throw the baby!

It was a perfect hot day for playing in the wa wa:

she really does love it so much!

But you have to hear the soundtrack to appreciate it - love the giggles!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Birthday and Easter

This is an older video, but fun, so I wanted to share.  Isa has already learned to have her birthday for a whole week.  Not only did she get a party on Sunday - she had Olive Garden on her actual birthday, and then another fun birthday dinner before Nana and Granddaddy left the next weekend.  We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and she thought the Mariachi's were very cool!  

This next one is more recent, from Easter Sunday where our little Chabelita wore herself out practicing her walking skills.  We tried an egg hunt, but after one egg she lost interest in the eggs - she really just wanted to walk and feel the grass under her toes!  She is still unsure about walking on her own, but she hardly wants to be carried anymore - if we are going somewhere, we are walking!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isa's First Easter

Easter basket with Mommy, church with friends and flowers, afternoon napies, egg "hunt" and playing at Om Ilco and Tia Marci's . . . and always always practicing walking skills . . . it's Easter on the go but it's GOOD!
See photos here - video of walking coming soon.  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Fun to be One!

Isa's first birthday party was a huge success! Mucho thanks to our dear friends and Isa's god parents Keith and Carly. They allowed us to throw the party at their home in RSM . . . the weather semi-cooperated (it didn't rain, just a little windy) and a good time was had by all. The taco man was a big hit as were the hershey bars with Isa's picture (thanks Grandma Liz). 

We were blessed to have over 30 friends and family join us to celebrate our baby girl. Many many thanks for all the wonderful gifts she received (yes mom - I am finishing up the Thank you notes too)! 

Though the day was a little hectic - we had her dedication at church right before - Aunt Sissy and Nana rushed to set everything up and they did a beautiful job. It was an afternoon of good friends, good food and loads of fun. We will try to be better about actually taking pictures of our friends and family - there were really lots of other people there! But for now enjoy the most photographed baby in the world as she turns ONE!

Isa also got a special Birthday dinner at the Olive Garden:

And enjoyed a perfect day at the beach with Nana and Granddaddy (she was heartbroken when they left, but had the most fun during their visit!):

It really is fun to be One!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time Flies!

Wow - can't believe it has been over a month since we posted! I will post again this week with pics of the first b-day party, but wanted to share Isa's first steps! Grandma had been babysitting and playing with the new "old school" toy. I thought it was cute so started to video and then was so shocked that I actually caught it! The first time we have an authentic first on film. Of course, I was videoing sideways (a problem both Granddaddy and I share) but the magic of iMovie has righted my wrong. She is completely mobile now, though she is tentative about venturing too far away from something solid to hold. Here is "Isa's First Steps"