Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Birthday and Easter

This is an older video, but fun, so I wanted to share.  Isa has already learned to have her birthday for a whole week.  Not only did she get a party on Sunday - she had Olive Garden on her actual birthday, and then another fun birthday dinner before Nana and Granddaddy left the next weekend.  We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and she thought the Mariachi's were very cool!  

This next one is more recent, from Easter Sunday where our little Chabelita wore herself out practicing her walking skills.  We tried an egg hunt, but after one egg she lost interest in the eggs - she really just wanted to walk and feel the grass under her toes!  She is still unsure about walking on her own, but she hardly wants to be carried anymore - if we are going somewhere, we are walking!

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