Saturday, February 21, 2009

Go Go Isa!

Finally - iLife '09 - and an excuse to fiddle around with totally random and barely edited Isa footage!  I have been trying to capture how she moves and talks non-stop, but generally when she sees the camera she clams-up.  However, over the past three weeks I was able to get some good stuff - 4 minutes of cuteness are coming your way. . .

Monday, February 16, 2009

My First Sleepover

This past weekend Tia Andrea and Uncle Chris did one of the nicest things ever!  They asked Little Bit to sleep over so Mommy and Daddy could be just Andrea and Francisco for one whole night! 

We dropped her off around 1pm (I only cried a little on the way home to our empty house - snif) and picked her up the next day around the same time.  In between we took a nap, watched a whole movie without interruption, and had a wonderfully indulgent Valentines dinner, complete with more than one glass of wonderfully indulgent vino!

Isa loved her aunt and uncles house, especially playing with her canine cousin Lucille.  Lucille scared Little Bit so much over Christmas (I think it's her slightly grumpy default face), but now Isa is so big she is just more interested.  And of course, they both love to give kisses, even when the kissee is grumpy looking and all slobbery!

Chris and Andrea said they had a great time, and didn't even look too tired when we picked her up (although they did confess to napping later that day!).  Mommy and Daddy had a great time too though we missed our Little Bit (we both woke up around 2:30 and again at 7 listening for her). One of the nicest things was snoozing until 9am Sunday morning.  It was fun to eat breakfast at the time God intended - 10:30am!

We couldn't wait to pick up our sweet baby girl and the three of us spent the rest of the weekend playing together indoors while the rain poured and poured.  During the sleepover, Tia Andrea took lots of pictures with her fancy camera that you can see here.

I had intended to post some more random pics but can't find the camera cord, so will have to wait until next post . . .

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dinner w/the Cousins

Francisco's cousin Nico came into town this weekend, so it was a great excuse to get all the cousin's together.  We haven't seen Nico since our Seattle road trip last summer, but the rest of the cousin's haven't seen him since Chris and Andrea's wedding in 2006.  We met at Bar Louie at the Anaheim Garden Walk, which incidentally is pretty cool, lots of fun shops and restaurants that we will have to try out.

Little Bit loved hanging out with her cousin Jordan, who will be five next week, and who brought her some princess figurines to play with.  She insisted on sitting by Isa to help her eat some mac and cheese and puffed stars.  It was hilarious because Jordan is VERY girlie, and was continually grossed out every time Isa spit something out (which happens quite a lot lately now that she tries to use her front teeth to chew things).  Jordan also showed Isa how to color, though she was frustrated by the fact that whatever crayon she used, Isa wanted.  Both girls were so sweet, and well behaved, other diners remarked how lucky we were - let's hope that lasts!

The best pics of the night come from Uncle Chris, who captivated the Little Bit by blowing on her tiny little bit of hair.  She thought it was hilarious and Tia Andrea captured it:

Family Times = Fun Times!