Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Big Girl

I know it sounds trite - but I really can't believe that it has been 10 whole months since we brought Little Bit home!  She has grown so much .  .  . and it seems to have gone by so quickly!  I realized today that I haven't even updated the baby book with the latest milestones - crawling, standing, cruising, eating cheese . . . you know, all the important ones.   I will do it this weekend for sure, but for now I'm going to blog about some of the super cute little things she does that make me misty  . . . speaking of cheese - read no further if cheesiness makes you queasy:

She takes her play so seriously - really working over the toys, turning them over and touching all the parts.  Of course, this is because she is brilliant and will probably be an engineer or architect when she grows up (next week maybe at this rate).

She LOVES to play in the bath, but when it's time to get out, she never cries.  I think it's because I always sing the "baby burrito" song (don't ask) while wrapping her up in the towel.  She giggles and giggles in that towel which is almost too much!

I love the way she says "go-the got" and "gli gli gli glo" when she tells stories.  And how, when  I pretend to understand, and mimic her, she giggles and touches my mouth or gives me a big slimy kiss on the cheek.  Those are the best slimy kisses!

And how she cuddles up with me in the bed in the morning, after her bottle, making me think she is being all lovey, stroking my arm with her buttery soft hands.  Then, when all is quiet, she blows a big raspberry on my arm and giggles about it (and does it over and over)!

Sometimes, when Francisco comes in during her dinner, she looks up and says "Hi Dad" - big as life and then flashes that winning grin  - even if it is a little baby-food orange . . .

I just realized that there is no way for me to end this post - so many little things to love about Little Bit.  But my brain won't go on - especially in it's sleep deprived state - so I will do the Billy Joel bail-out and just give it an end!  

Love that baby girl!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ok, so I know we collectively voted to take away civil rights and pretty soon will probably get IOU's instead of actual tax returns, but we stay in Cah-li-for-nia because - well, we can spend Martin Luther King day at the beach.

It was a gorgeous 80 degree day and Isa loved playing in the sand.  We explored the tide pools and made sand castles.  However, the water was very cold and after a few minutes of play in the water little bit decided she needed to wear her sweats as a swim suit cover-up. 

It was a beautiful afternoon - and a perfect beginning for 2009 - though we have been in it for nearly a month now, I didn't really feel that hopeful freshness that usually comes at the start of a new year.   With toes in the sand it was time to plan and dream the new year away - while seeing the birds and the boats, the seaweed and the waves through Isa's bright blue eyes! 

In closing - much apologies for letting so much time pass between blogs - the Holiday's were fantastic and frantic and fun altogether.  We had Christmas Eve here with the Calvo's where the little bit played with her cousin and was completely overwhelmed by all the people.  Christmas day was nice and quiet and our little elf opened her gifts under the tree at our house.

We left the next day to spend Christmas #2 with our Georgia/Tennessee folk.  Our trip to the south was a perfect vacation - Francisco and I got to relax and little bit charmed the socks off of Nana and Granddaddy, Aunt Sissy and Ray.  I was able to see some of my oldest friends - Angie and Jess - we went wine tasting, visited the Tennessee aquarium and spent New Years Eve rockin' our very own band "Good Nite 08" on Guitar Hero!

Family Times = Good Times
Welcome 2009