Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visiting Daddy at Work

This past Tuesday, we went to Chapman to have dinner with daddy in-between classes.  The campus has really changed since I went there, and the biggest difference is the beautiful courtyard and fountain outside the library.  Little bit was fascinated with the fountain - she loves the water and she loves noise - so we had some great playtime - and got my new favorite funny pic of Isa: Mad Magazine meet - "I'm teething!"

 We also got some precious ones of her watching the water.  And I stand by my choice of blue as her best color!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Visit from Nana

We had such fun when Nana came to visit last week!  Isa and I met her at the airport on Wednesday night and we went out to dinner just us girls.  Little bit was thrilled to see her Nana!

It was a beautiful but quick four-day visit, made dramatic by the appearance of Isa's first tooth on Friday!  Nana discovered it just before I got home from work, and ever since, little bit has been biting her own finger and looking at me like "why did you DO that?"  I am still trying to catch a good glimpse of the tooth, but from the way if feels, she will be eating steak in no time!

Anyway, Nana watched her on Thursday and Friday while Francisco and I worked, which was very hard for me - my baby and my mom at home  . . . but she sent me little photos during the day that made me smile.  They read stories and played and cuddled . . . You can check out her royal cuteness here.

Saturday, we went to the beach and soaked up the sun.  It was really beautiful and Little bit just absorbed everything - the big waves and the people and all the sights and smells.  She is so inquisitive and constantly on the move!  

I also enjoyed Mom's visit not least of all because we got to steal a little time and shoe shop.  This  was especially good since now that I have Little bit, I have a closet full of shoes that don't fit.  I grew almost one whole size!  Anyway - thanks Mom for good shopping!  

It was such a fun weekend, we wished Nana's visit was much longer!  We miss you and can't wait for December!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Isa tries to crawl

So today we were sitting on the floor playing with Dumbo, which was very cute, and Isa decided that she would try crawling again.  She has been scooting backwards for some time now, but recently she started getting up on her knees and rocking.  I'm constantly amazed at how cute I find her to be - she gets all excited and seems so hopeful, then usually rolls over and scoots backwards where she wants to go.  Anyway, today was different, and to tell it doesn't do justice, so bear with me and this little series of videos . . .

First, she decided Dumbo wasn't fun anymore and she would go check out Daddy's CD's again:

Then, instead of giving up and scooting, she tried again:

That one physically hurt me!  Later I was shocked at how much her little fall hurt - she was over it after only 30 seconds of hugging and kissing and rocking, but each time I watch it and see that red spot and hear her little cry . . . my poor little bit - that's definitely something that people describe, but has to be experienced to be fully appreciated (I know, I know).  

Anyway, after a few minutes she demanded to be put back down where she promptly fell over again.  This time she was mad, and she talked about it for a good five minutes while she backwards scooted to where she wanted to go.  Here is a little snipet:

She is a total talker all the time, but usually she is happy. Lest you think she only complains, here are some photos of her making various happy faces.  When we can finally catch the belly laugh on camera, I will post! Love to all!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Isa Plays the Ponies

It was Family Fun day at Del Mar, so Uncle Chris and Tia Andrea suggested we go and sit in the infield and watch the races.  It turned out to be a beautiful day - Del Mar is a Spanish villa style building right on the beach in San Diego.  There was some serious old money there, in the vallet line we saw several Rolls Royces and women with big jewels.  Turns out one of the horses running was owned by Burt Bacharach!  

Of course we spent the day with the plebes on the infield. It was hot, but little bit had her tent, there was plenty to eat and drink and of course, every twenty minutes, a new race!

Isa enjoyed sitting with Uncle Chris - in fact, she was so content with him, he was sure she was his good luck charm.  I'm not sure she actually picked any winners, but Chris said he didn't mind since she was so cute!  Check out the pictures from Tia Andrea's camera.  She just got a fancy new digital with fun lenses, so there are some funny ones!  She also included the pics of Saturday's USC game.  The USC clothes that little bit is wearing were gifts from her aunt and uncle. 

We also took some with our low tech camera - I swear Isa is the most photographed baby in the world!  

All in all it was a great day.  Francisco picked two winners and I managed to stop myself from singing Guys and Dolls every time I went up to the window:-)  "I got the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere . . ."  seriously, it was stuck all day!  And those betting window's look just like the sets we used.  I'm a nerd, I know.

As we left, we saw the balloon races beginning.  The picture just can't capture how cool it looked.  

We will have to go back again next season and sit in the stands.  Maybe then little bit will be better at picking the horse that Can-Do!