Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Busy Week

GOSH!  It has definitely been a busy couple of weeks at the Calvo residence.  Things got started last week with the NACM convention and kept rolling right on through to our Costco trip this Sunday.  Let me back up .  .  .

Thursday the 17th Francisco was busy at the NACM Convention, so Isa and I had a yogurt date with Amy and Holly Held.  Amy is three and absolutely adorable - she was so cute holding Isa.  Then we hung out with Andrea Joy and little Ethan who was only eight days old!  Check out how big he is, even compared to the little bit!

Then Friday Andrea Joy and I took the babies on an outing to Ikea.  We don't have any pics - but it was hilarious.  It took a good four hours, and I think we shopped for like 45 minutes.  We were either feeding one or the other baby, sitting to rest, trying to feed ourselves, trying to load two giant strollers - it was great.  We reminisced on how we used to be able to go out together to get shop and eat and we could actually do both!  I can't believe Andrea Joy was Trucking along only eight days after giving birth, but she IS an over achiever!

This past week we have been social butterflies.  We had Brad and Kelly over Monday, newlyweds Brennan and Michelle (see pics from the wedding here) on Wednesday and Chris and Andrea on Saturday.  Isa was her charming cute self each time and she went to bed like a big girl every night by 8:30.  That gave us time to play a few more gigs in Rock Band each night so now our world tour is really smokin!  It was great to catch up on everyone's summer trips and enjoy some good vino.  

Friday we got brave and tried the beach thing again.  It went much better this time - no crying except when she was hungry - and though we tried to put little feet in the sand, she wasn't too keen on it.

The big problem is still the shade thing.  Not so fun for mommy to have to sit under the umbrella the whole time.  I guess this will get better - I can picture having a lot of fun next summer playing in the waves.   I did manage to get my back sunburned during set up and tear down and walking to and from the car.  Little bit is still lily white - I was so careful with her I forgot about my own exposure!

I think we will stick to the pool during shady hours for the rest of this summer.  She really likes the water and more importantly looks extremely cute in her swimsuit.  It's almost too small for her - and it is impossible to find a swim suit for a 4 month old.  Yes, I'm aware that she doesn't technically need a swim suit . . . and we do have the huggies little swimmers - they also don't make those for her size, so they come all the way up under her arms - but it does the trick!   Anyway, I don't know where Amy Janzen found this one, but it is perfect!  Thanks!

So I guess that brings us up to date - Costco today.  She was so excited by everything - just looking all around and making eyes at everyone.  She even forgot she was hungry until we were in the car and halfway home.  We've decided she goes from 0 to "oh my gosh someone's killing that child" in about three seconds.  But she settled down, ate and went to bed on time again.  Such a good girl!

So it's been good - and busy, and we are loving summer!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Day at the Beach

On Friday we took Isa for a "day" at Huntington State Beach.  I use the term day loosely as we really only spent about an hour and a half on the actual beach.  It did however take all day to get ready to go.  Once we finally got there I discovered I had forgotten my wallet, so we had to park a mile and half away in free parking.  This meant hauling the stroller and all the gear on a nice little 15 minute walk.  Isa didn't mind of course since she got to sit in the stroller in the shade.  Poor daddy was loaded down - but we decided it was good exercise so spirits were high . . .

When we finally made it out to the water - around 2:30pm - it was so bright that little bit was beside herself.  Even in her little tent she couldn't open her eyes and she let us know that she was NOT happy about that!  The situation was compounded by the fact that she doesn't like to lie down anymore, thinking that she is a big girl and should be able to sit-up, except for the fact that she can't sit on her own, which meant mommy trying to sit in the little tent with her - not an easy task.  Needless to say, sand was everywhere, baby was crying and to top it off Francisco pinched his hand in the umbrella drawing blood and making it hard for him to hold anything!

In spite of it all, after she calmed down and adjusted to the light, we were able to get some incredibly cute photos of Isa in her beach hat.  There are none of her anywhere near the water since she cried if she came out of the shade of her tent.  She did seem to have a good time, talking and squealing and being her general cute self.  Here is a little video of her talking with mommy.  Be sure to watch the whole thing for the surprise at the end - it is classic Isa!

So while my days of reading a relaxing book on the sand are pretty much over - we really do love the beach, so we are going again this Friday!  It should get easier each time right? 
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roll-y Poll-y Baby

Well, the little bit is finally mobile all on her own!  Saturday, July 12th she managed to roll herself over.  She was quite proud of herself until she realized that she was on her belly and couldn't get back over.   We're still working on that!

Anyway, now all she does is roll over - and over and over.  It's a fun little game called Mommy, roll me back please (if fuss-fuss-scream means please)!  The bigger problem now is that she for some reason rolls over in the middle of the night and up until yesterday, would cry until we came to turn her back over.  This happened at 1:30, 3, and 4:30am.  Then last night she rolled over and promptly fell asleep on her belly! AAAHAHAH belly sleep!  I of course was so paranoid that I had to confer with the pediatricaian who assured me that if  she turns herself over she will be fine.  I am not convinced - as I write she has been asleep for one hour and I have checked on her every 5 minutes - she's fine of course.  I'll continue to check though.

And I have to share this picture.  She is just so beautiful and peaceful when she sleeps.  With a good lookin daddy too.

Love my cute family!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby's First Photo Shoot

So this really should have come before the road trip post, but I just finally got organized and wanted to share these photos.Isabel had her first photo shoot at Sears in June.  We realized when the nana's were visiting that she is lucky enough to have four living generations of women on both sides of the family, so naturally, we decided a posed photo was in order.  Below you'll see Nanny, Grandma Liz, Oma, Mom and Nana along with the little bit herself.

Oddly, she wasn't really into the family shot, but she was a real ham for her solo session, playing to the camera and giving us blue steel etc.  Now we have a gillion pictures we don't know what to do with, but they are absolutely precious, so its o-right. 

The Nana's visit was a lot of fun - they watched the baby while I had to work the last week of school and both doted on Isa in an unofficial competition for the "World's Greatest."

Francisco also had a fantastic first Father's Day while they were here with a lunch in the Harbor and a trip to the Queen Mary.   

I had never seen the Queen Mary - except from afar - it was pretty cool and afforded spectacular views from the upper decks.  It was such a fun visit - here are some more pics.  We are really having a busy summer but packed with family and fun!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nana and Granddaddy's Visit

This past week Nana and Granddaddy came to visit as part of their 5 week-long road trip.  Granddaddy hadn't seen Isa since she was just a week old, so he was beyond excited and Isa loved talking to him!

Fortunately, the poopy phase she was in during our road trip seems to have passed (no pun intended) and things are back to normal in that department.  Everything is cleaner and better smelling all around.  

Now she is going through a very fun stage where she talks and giggles and squeals - she tells little stories and provides endless entertainment.  Nana and Granddaddy had a great time playing with her.  We are constantly overwhelmed by her cuteness - and her developing personality.  She is just such a little person!  

The grand parents visit was very productive; the men finished two big projects - fixing our sink that had never been installed quite right and wiring a big light on the front porch to combat our mosquito problem.  Both are working great - it's so nice to have a handy granddaddy!  Thank You again!  

Us women folk were productive too - we spent the time shopping and chatting and taking care of the little bit, who got her first swimming lesson.  At first she wasn't sure what to make of her bathing suit - but she didn't seem phased at all by the water, just took it all in stride and had a great time.  She is going to love the water just like mama.

We didn't work the whole time though -  On July 3rd we took a picnic down to the park in Tustin where we saw a country band play and enjoyed the hot summer night.  Nana and Granddaddy showed us how to two-step and Isa really seemed to enjoy the music. 
All in all it was a great visit though far too short as always.  There are many more photos including my birthday dinner where Nana actually tried sushi!  

We are looking forward to seeing them again in about a month!