Saturday, June 28, 2008

Road Trip '08

We returned this morning at 12:30am from our first family vacation - a road trip through the pacific northwest!  All told we traveled 2517 miles in our new Prius (and we only had six fill ups).  Isa was a joy the whole time, though she is going through a poopy phase - literally - which made for some fun pit stops and some smelly moments in the back seat!  After a stop in Redding to visit Uncle George and Aunt Kathy, we headed up to Vancouver, WA to see Nico, Heather, Maddi and Alex.  It was great to see them and Nathan and Vontrice too.  Isa got to play with her second cousins and the primos enjoyed some good brews and great food.

After two nights in Vancouver, we headed up to Seattle to visit long time friend Heather McFarlane and her husband John and new baby Owain.  We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast in Capitol Hill - a swanky area with great old houses and a beautiful park.

Owain is a cutie pie and Isa decided he will be her new boyfriend (though according to her father she will not be dating for approx. 20 years).

It was good to spend time with Heather and to explore Seattle.  We lunched at Pike's Place Market and viewed the entire city from the Space Needle.  The weather was sunny and warm - from what we hear, total false advertising for the area, but it made for two beautiful days.  Our last night there we had a fabulous dinner out on the water and watched the sunset.  Seattle was beautiful!

After another night at Nico's, we began the long trek home.  We visited a small family vineyard, made off with some fantastic wine and then headed out to the Oregon Coast - GORGEOUS!  It was a long journey made longer due to the fires in Northern CA - we couldn't cut over to the 5 - so we stayed on the coast all the way to San Francisco!  It was a 15 hour day, but we made it home safe and sound and in our right minds - for the most part.

All in all it was a perfect trip.  We took hundreds of photos - but you can see some of the highlights here.