Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted . . .and unfortunately, there is no time now!  There is lots to share, and it will have to wait until next year,   but on behalf of the Little Bit:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What day is it?

Several family members have asked if we dropped off the planet since Isa started to crawl . . . nope, we have just been so busy chasing her around!  She is a little speed demon and into absolutely everything.  She no longer has much use for her toys - there is a whole world of life threatening things to play with that are oh so much more interesting.  Plus, crawling under things is the most fun.  We figured since she is down there, she might as well get to work.  Bibs make great dusters!
Francisco and I have been busy trying to make our tiny home baby proof - and that has proven a challenge.  After three trips to BabiesRUs for a gate (a long story) we finally have a secure landing at the top of the stairs and our under sink cabinets are now impossible to open.  We also switched out the bookcase in the dining room for one with doors as we could not stop Little Bit from pulling things off the shelves.  I guess one good thing is that we now have to keep the living room clean and clutter free, so the house looks really nice (most of the time).

Isa is now starting to pull herself up to a standing position.  This photo was taken after church when she was standing up and watching herself in the mirror.  She was too precious - you can see the whole series (plus other random fun pics) here.

Last weekend we had dinner with Ray and Alissa who have three month old Isaiah.  Little bit was intrigued at first, then not so happy that mommy was holding someone else.  She just wanted to play with him and couldn't understand why he didn't want to crawl around with her.  

On the dinner front, Isa has been wanting to feed herself more, so the other day Patti (her ninera) let her have at it for lunch.  Little bit loved it, so now its an (almost) nightly event. 

In conclusion, that is what has been happening for the past 16 days!  Here is our beautiful, messy, crawlin, standin baby girl.  She just has so much personality, we can't wait to see what she will do next!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

She's Crawlin'!

Finally!  This weekend Little Bit started to move forward - just one knee then two - and today finally putting it all together in a triumphant move across the floor.  Of course she showed her usual shyness for the camera, but her ninera found the perfect bribe, not a toy she is supposed to play with (she is my daughter after all), but the TV remote and the camera itself.   Anyway, Patti caught the journey perfectly - and let me tell you, now there is no stopping Isa!

I'm only sorry that Little Bit has her binky in these clips, because part of the delight is to watch her get where she is going and babble and smile - so proud of herself.  I will keep trying to catch that, but until then, here is my mobile baby girl!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Not much time to post, too tired - but wanted to share our little pumpkin.  We went to Treats in the Streets down in the plaza and it was great fun!  Kiddies were dressed as everything under the sun and there were hundreds and hundreds of them.  Of course I forgot to bring the camera, so the only photos we have are from Francisco's phone (hence the poor quality).
Isa was a joy the whole day, even though it was nearly 90 degrees and I'm sure very uncomfortable in her little hoodie.  I ended up taking her costume on and off three times during the day so she wouldn't get over heated . . .  she never complained and we had a great time at the plaza and at real challenges where we sat in the scary chair and saw uncle Chris' haunted house!
Halloween was groovy, but we are definitely ready for some real fall weather!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Input . . .

 . . .that has been little bit's favorite word this weekend.  Friday night we attended our first football game at Santa Margarita.  I was surprised at how much fun it was - and how nostalgic I felt - especially since the school colors are the same as mine were at PHS.  Everything seemed familiar, the stadium, the stands full of parents and kids and students.  Even the cheerleaders and the dance team reminded me of days long past.  It was a strange nostalgia though, for a candy coated past that never really existed - I honestly don't have any specific memories of football games, and I certainly wouldn't choose to go back to high school for any amount of money - but it was a good nostalgia nonetheless, and it was nice to find ourselves part of a small community in big ole Orange County.  

Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera, but little bit was in heaven!  She watched with delight each time the cheerleaders climbed on each others shoulders and she clapped her hands and yelled OOHH right along with them.  She was also completely enamored with the band . . .the funny hats and shinny instruments . . .and she was thrilled to be somewhere she could scream and scream and never be told to shh!  Such fun!

SO . . .Today we went to the pumpkin patch at Irvine park.  Again, more input for the little bit who, in our humble opinion, was the cutest pumpkin in that patch.  Her Padrinos Keith and Carly came along with us and a good time was had by all.  We checked out all the pumpkins and hay - hay everywhere.  Us old folks had Icee's for the first time in years and our little bit played in the dirt.  

Since it was such a long yet beautiful day, and since I am about to fall asleep on the keyboard, I will leave you with a slideshow:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sad sad song

Ok - It was practically demanded that I post another video.  We just took this one Monday night when little bit was being so funny singing songs with mommy.  She was having a great time until we got to this song.  You'll see she likes the first part, then . . .too sad, too sad. 

We have no idea why she suddenly couldn't bear to hear the song.  She used giggle when I got to the "roll over" part.  Aunt Sissy wants to psycho analyze it with her prof so we will wait and see what the head shrinkers think.  I find it funny that Francisco claims to object to the whole thing and then keeps it going long after I tried to stop.  But don't worry Nana, we will not continue to torture little bit.  I actually get a little teary eyed each time I see her make the face.  I find that  astounding but it happens nonetheless.  Having a child certainly teaches one things about onesself . . .  

In the future we will focus on the many other songs she likes to sing!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our 6 month old Angel

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last post, but in my defense, we have been very BUSY!  Little bit is now six months and two weeks old - we can hardly believe it!  She is changing so much every day and becoming such a little personality.  She loves to hear her own voice and "sings" at the top of her lungs, especially in fun places with acoustics like DSW or Church or any restaurant . . .you get the idea.  Luckily, she charms everyone we meet when we are out, so we haven't had to hide our faces yet!

It is fun to see her interact with other kids, especially her cousin Jordan, who is very shy and though she talks non-stop (typical 4 year old) she is quiet - I guess you would call it softspoken.  When Isa sees her, she screams and kicks and gets so excited - Jordan doesn't know how to react.  At first she would look at me like, "WHAT is she doing?" but now she has taken to saying - "I think she REALLY likes me!" which I find adorable every time!  She has never forgotten the puke on the hand incident though, so she remains very wary of holding her, and she will share her toys but if it looks like Isa is about to put something in her mouth, Jordan is quick to snatch it back.  Sunday she said very matter of fact, "baby Herla (Jordan's nick-name for little bit) can play with my Jasmine doll but she can't suck on her because sometimes she throws up and it would get in Jasmine's hair and that might make me mad.  When she grows up I will play with her some more because then she wont throw up."  Sounds reasonable to me!

Little bit is actually doing much better with the spitting up problem since she is now eating solids 3 times a day.  I do find it funny that we call them solids, when they are pretty much just mush.  Isa likes green mush the best, and she is finding a taste for chicken mush, slowly but surely.  She still isn't thrilled with the fruit mush, too tangy, though she does like fresh fruit. We tried cheese just the other day, and she loved it, making mommy so proud!  She also had some tofu at our Sushi place on Saturday, and she liked that too.  Really she just loves to eat whatever we are eating.  She definitely wants to be a big girl! 

I am starting to realize that she isn't going to be little much longer, so I spend a few extra minutes holding her, especially when she is asleep, cuddling her and smelling her cute baby smell.  She is such a perfect angel when she sleeps, it's almost too much . . .

My baby girl.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visiting Daddy at Work

This past Tuesday, we went to Chapman to have dinner with daddy in-between classes.  The campus has really changed since I went there, and the biggest difference is the beautiful courtyard and fountain outside the library.  Little bit was fascinated with the fountain - she loves the water and she loves noise - so we had some great playtime - and got my new favorite funny pic of Isa: Mad Magazine meet - "I'm teething!"

 We also got some precious ones of her watching the water.  And I stand by my choice of blue as her best color!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Visit from Nana

We had such fun when Nana came to visit last week!  Isa and I met her at the airport on Wednesday night and we went out to dinner just us girls.  Little bit was thrilled to see her Nana!

It was a beautiful but quick four-day visit, made dramatic by the appearance of Isa's first tooth on Friday!  Nana discovered it just before I got home from work, and ever since, little bit has been biting her own finger and looking at me like "why did you DO that?"  I am still trying to catch a good glimpse of the tooth, but from the way if feels, she will be eating steak in no time!

Anyway, Nana watched her on Thursday and Friday while Francisco and I worked, which was very hard for me - my baby and my mom at home  . . . but she sent me little photos during the day that made me smile.  They read stories and played and cuddled . . . You can check out her royal cuteness here.

Saturday, we went to the beach and soaked up the sun.  It was really beautiful and Little bit just absorbed everything - the big waves and the people and all the sights and smells.  She is so inquisitive and constantly on the move!  

I also enjoyed Mom's visit not least of all because we got to steal a little time and shoe shop.  This  was especially good since now that I have Little bit, I have a closet full of shoes that don't fit.  I grew almost one whole size!  Anyway - thanks Mom for good shopping!  

It was such a fun weekend, we wished Nana's visit was much longer!  We miss you and can't wait for December!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Isa tries to crawl

So today we were sitting on the floor playing with Dumbo, which was very cute, and Isa decided that she would try crawling again.  She has been scooting backwards for some time now, but recently she started getting up on her knees and rocking.  I'm constantly amazed at how cute I find her to be - she gets all excited and seems so hopeful, then usually rolls over and scoots backwards where she wants to go.  Anyway, today was different, and to tell it doesn't do justice, so bear with me and this little series of videos . . .

First, she decided Dumbo wasn't fun anymore and she would go check out Daddy's CD's again:

Then, instead of giving up and scooting, she tried again:

That one physically hurt me!  Later I was shocked at how much her little fall hurt - she was over it after only 30 seconds of hugging and kissing and rocking, but each time I watch it and see that red spot and hear her little cry . . . my poor little bit - that's definitely something that people describe, but has to be experienced to be fully appreciated (I know, I know).  

Anyway, after a few minutes she demanded to be put back down where she promptly fell over again.  This time she was mad, and she talked about it for a good five minutes while she backwards scooted to where she wanted to go.  Here is a little snipet:

She is a total talker all the time, but usually she is happy. Lest you think she only complains, here are some photos of her making various happy faces.  When we can finally catch the belly laugh on camera, I will post! Love to all!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Isa Plays the Ponies

It was Family Fun day at Del Mar, so Uncle Chris and Tia Andrea suggested we go and sit in the infield and watch the races.  It turned out to be a beautiful day - Del Mar is a Spanish villa style building right on the beach in San Diego.  There was some serious old money there, in the vallet line we saw several Rolls Royces and women with big jewels.  Turns out one of the horses running was owned by Burt Bacharach!  

Of course we spent the day with the plebes on the infield. It was hot, but little bit had her tent, there was plenty to eat and drink and of course, every twenty minutes, a new race!

Isa enjoyed sitting with Uncle Chris - in fact, she was so content with him, he was sure she was his good luck charm.  I'm not sure she actually picked any winners, but Chris said he didn't mind since she was so cute!  Check out the pictures from Tia Andrea's camera.  She just got a fancy new digital with fun lenses, so there are some funny ones!  She also included the pics of Saturday's USC game.  The USC clothes that little bit is wearing were gifts from her aunt and uncle. 

We also took some with our low tech camera - I swear Isa is the most photographed baby in the world!  

All in all it was a great day.  Francisco picked two winners and I managed to stop myself from singing Guys and Dolls every time I went up to the window:-)  "I got the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere . . ."  seriously, it was stuck all day!  And those betting window's look just like the sets we used.  I'm a nerd, I know.

As we left, we saw the balloon races beginning.  The picture just can't capture how cool it looked.  

We will have to go back again next season and sit in the stands.  Maybe then little bit will be better at picking the horse that Can-Do!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She's a Maniac

Maniac on the floor!  And she's scootin' like she's never done before.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aunt Sissy's Visit

So I just read an article in the latest Time magazine about the art of brevity in blogging and other online endeavors, so in that spirit I will try to keep my ramblings short - though it's not really my style . . .

Aunt Sissy came to visit, much fun was had - first stop, Disneyland!

Little bit was a doll the whole day - only getting fussy once due to the fact we all forgot how long it had been since we ate - She loved looking at everything - it is so strange to think she will have no memory of it!  Isa got a baby Dumbo toy, and thought it was the coolest thing.  It was so fun to watch her get to know him.  I'm including a lot of photos of that here for the grandparents.  

We had such a great time with Sissy - we went to the beach, where Isa finally got to put her toes in the water:

She loved it and wanted to play longer, but she will just have to wait until she's old enough for sunscreen!  

We also did lots of shopping and just had fun hanging out.  Isa was going through a very funny screaming phase that week.  She wasnt upset, just screaming because she liked the sound I guess.  Sissy dubbed her Screamy McScream Muffin.  It really was over the top - I'll try to get a video uploaded when I get more than two seconds.  Anyway,  we really wish she could have stayed longer!  Here are the rest of the photos!  Love you Aunt Sissy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little Mowgli

Isa is just determined to sit up - but isn't quite there yet.  She simply refuses to lie back, so she loves the boppy - which is pretty cute in her Sunday outfit:

But I think she looks cutest when she is being little Mowgli - all legs and arms.  She is getting pretty steady - which makes diaper changes fun!  We love our little monkey girl!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Week of Firsts

This has been a pretty fun week of firsts.  Just yesterday, we got a jumperoo for our little bit.  She was fascinated watching Francisco put it together, and when she finally go to play in it - priceless!  She is just barely big enough, but she loves to bounce.  As usual, she is camera shy, but we did some good pics and a little video.

But the big news is last Tuesday we had baby's first earthquake!  It was a 5.4, and it shook the house pretty good.  We had just finished up giving Isa her first taste of rice cereal - she was all cleaned up but still strapped in the chair.  Francisco picked up the chair and booked it outside during the second wave of rumbling!  Isa was completely un-phased by the earthquake, but she loved the cereal!
Actually, it was hard to tell if she really liked the cereal, or if she just liked gumming the spoon and eating like a big girl . . . either way, she was incredibly cute in her pink bib (more photos here)!

Since then she has sucked down some banana, mango, watermelon and more rice cereal - but the real fun started tonight when she had some peas.  I'll let the video speak for itself:

Little bit also had her first piano lesson with daddy this week - her style is a little avant guard, but we think she is a natural!

And that is our week of "Baby's First's"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Busy Week

GOSH!  It has definitely been a busy couple of weeks at the Calvo residence.  Things got started last week with the NACM convention and kept rolling right on through to our Costco trip this Sunday.  Let me back up .  .  .

Thursday the 17th Francisco was busy at the NACM Convention, so Isa and I had a yogurt date with Amy and Holly Held.  Amy is three and absolutely adorable - she was so cute holding Isa.  Then we hung out with Andrea Joy and little Ethan who was only eight days old!  Check out how big he is, even compared to the little bit!

Then Friday Andrea Joy and I took the babies on an outing to Ikea.  We don't have any pics - but it was hilarious.  It took a good four hours, and I think we shopped for like 45 minutes.  We were either feeding one or the other baby, sitting to rest, trying to feed ourselves, trying to load two giant strollers - it was great.  We reminisced on how we used to be able to go out together to get shop and eat and we could actually do both!  I can't believe Andrea Joy was Trucking along only eight days after giving birth, but she IS an over achiever!

This past week we have been social butterflies.  We had Brad and Kelly over Monday, newlyweds Brennan and Michelle (see pics from the wedding here) on Wednesday and Chris and Andrea on Saturday.  Isa was her charming cute self each time and she went to bed like a big girl every night by 8:30.  That gave us time to play a few more gigs in Rock Band each night so now our world tour is really smokin!  It was great to catch up on everyone's summer trips and enjoy some good vino.  

Friday we got brave and tried the beach thing again.  It went much better this time - no crying except when she was hungry - and though we tried to put little feet in the sand, she wasn't too keen on it.

The big problem is still the shade thing.  Not so fun for mommy to have to sit under the umbrella the whole time.  I guess this will get better - I can picture having a lot of fun next summer playing in the waves.   I did manage to get my back sunburned during set up and tear down and walking to and from the car.  Little bit is still lily white - I was so careful with her I forgot about my own exposure!

I think we will stick to the pool during shady hours for the rest of this summer.  She really likes the water and more importantly looks extremely cute in her swimsuit.  It's almost too small for her - and it is impossible to find a swim suit for a 4 month old.  Yes, I'm aware that she doesn't technically need a swim suit . . . and we do have the huggies little swimmers - they also don't make those for her size, so they come all the way up under her arms - but it does the trick!   Anyway, I don't know where Amy Janzen found this one, but it is perfect!  Thanks!

So I guess that brings us up to date - Costco today.  She was so excited by everything - just looking all around and making eyes at everyone.  She even forgot she was hungry until we were in the car and halfway home.  We've decided she goes from 0 to "oh my gosh someone's killing that child" in about three seconds.  But she settled down, ate and went to bed on time again.  Such a good girl!

So it's been good - and busy, and we are loving summer!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Day at the Beach

On Friday we took Isa for a "day" at Huntington State Beach.  I use the term day loosely as we really only spent about an hour and a half on the actual beach.  It did however take all day to get ready to go.  Once we finally got there I discovered I had forgotten my wallet, so we had to park a mile and half away in free parking.  This meant hauling the stroller and all the gear on a nice little 15 minute walk.  Isa didn't mind of course since she got to sit in the stroller in the shade.  Poor daddy was loaded down - but we decided it was good exercise so spirits were high . . .

When we finally made it out to the water - around 2:30pm - it was so bright that little bit was beside herself.  Even in her little tent she couldn't open her eyes and she let us know that she was NOT happy about that!  The situation was compounded by the fact that she doesn't like to lie down anymore, thinking that she is a big girl and should be able to sit-up, except for the fact that she can't sit on her own, which meant mommy trying to sit in the little tent with her - not an easy task.  Needless to say, sand was everywhere, baby was crying and to top it off Francisco pinched his hand in the umbrella drawing blood and making it hard for him to hold anything!

In spite of it all, after she calmed down and adjusted to the light, we were able to get some incredibly cute photos of Isa in her beach hat.  There are none of her anywhere near the water since she cried if she came out of the shade of her tent.  She did seem to have a good time, talking and squealing and being her general cute self.  Here is a little video of her talking with mommy.  Be sure to watch the whole thing for the surprise at the end - it is classic Isa!

So while my days of reading a relaxing book on the sand are pretty much over - we really do love the beach, so we are going again this Friday!  It should get easier each time right? 
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roll-y Poll-y Baby

Well, the little bit is finally mobile all on her own!  Saturday, July 12th she managed to roll herself over.  She was quite proud of herself until she realized that she was on her belly and couldn't get back over.   We're still working on that!

Anyway, now all she does is roll over - and over and over.  It's a fun little game called Mommy, roll me back please (if fuss-fuss-scream means please)!  The bigger problem now is that she for some reason rolls over in the middle of the night and up until yesterday, would cry until we came to turn her back over.  This happened at 1:30, 3, and 4:30am.  Then last night she rolled over and promptly fell asleep on her belly! AAAHAHAH belly sleep!  I of course was so paranoid that I had to confer with the pediatricaian who assured me that if  she turns herself over she will be fine.  I am not convinced - as I write she has been asleep for one hour and I have checked on her every 5 minutes - she's fine of course.  I'll continue to check though.

And I have to share this picture.  She is just so beautiful and peaceful when she sleeps.  With a good lookin daddy too.

Love my cute family!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby's First Photo Shoot

So this really should have come before the road trip post, but I just finally got organized and wanted to share these photos.Isabel had her first photo shoot at Sears in June.  We realized when the nana's were visiting that she is lucky enough to have four living generations of women on both sides of the family, so naturally, we decided a posed photo was in order.  Below you'll see Nanny, Grandma Liz, Oma, Mom and Nana along with the little bit herself.

Oddly, she wasn't really into the family shot, but she was a real ham for her solo session, playing to the camera and giving us blue steel etc.  Now we have a gillion pictures we don't know what to do with, but they are absolutely precious, so its o-right. 

The Nana's visit was a lot of fun - they watched the baby while I had to work the last week of school and both doted on Isa in an unofficial competition for the "World's Greatest."

Francisco also had a fantastic first Father's Day while they were here with a lunch in the Harbor and a trip to the Queen Mary.   

I had never seen the Queen Mary - except from afar - it was pretty cool and afforded spectacular views from the upper decks.  It was such a fun visit - here are some more pics.  We are really having a busy summer but packed with family and fun!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nana and Granddaddy's Visit

This past week Nana and Granddaddy came to visit as part of their 5 week-long road trip.  Granddaddy hadn't seen Isa since she was just a week old, so he was beyond excited and Isa loved talking to him!

Fortunately, the poopy phase she was in during our road trip seems to have passed (no pun intended) and things are back to normal in that department.  Everything is cleaner and better smelling all around.  

Now she is going through a very fun stage where she talks and giggles and squeals - she tells little stories and provides endless entertainment.  Nana and Granddaddy had a great time playing with her.  We are constantly overwhelmed by her cuteness - and her developing personality.  She is just such a little person!  

The grand parents visit was very productive; the men finished two big projects - fixing our sink that had never been installed quite right and wiring a big light on the front porch to combat our mosquito problem.  Both are working great - it's so nice to have a handy granddaddy!  Thank You again!  

Us women folk were productive too - we spent the time shopping and chatting and taking care of the little bit, who got her first swimming lesson.  At first she wasn't sure what to make of her bathing suit - but she didn't seem phased at all by the water, just took it all in stride and had a great time.  She is going to love the water just like mama.

We didn't work the whole time though -  On July 3rd we took a picnic down to the park in Tustin where we saw a country band play and enjoyed the hot summer night.  Nana and Granddaddy showed us how to two-step and Isa really seemed to enjoy the music. 
All in all it was a great visit though far too short as always.  There are many more photos including my birthday dinner where Nana actually tried sushi!  

We are looking forward to seeing them again in about a month!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Road Trip '08

We returned this morning at 12:30am from our first family vacation - a road trip through the pacific northwest!  All told we traveled 2517 miles in our new Prius (and we only had six fill ups).  Isa was a joy the whole time, though she is going through a poopy phase - literally - which made for some fun pit stops and some smelly moments in the back seat!  After a stop in Redding to visit Uncle George and Aunt Kathy, we headed up to Vancouver, WA to see Nico, Heather, Maddi and Alex.  It was great to see them and Nathan and Vontrice too.  Isa got to play with her second cousins and the primos enjoyed some good brews and great food.

After two nights in Vancouver, we headed up to Seattle to visit long time friend Heather McFarlane and her husband John and new baby Owain.  We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast in Capitol Hill - a swanky area with great old houses and a beautiful park.

Owain is a cutie pie and Isa decided he will be her new boyfriend (though according to her father she will not be dating for approx. 20 years).

It was good to spend time with Heather and to explore Seattle.  We lunched at Pike's Place Market and viewed the entire city from the Space Needle.  The weather was sunny and warm - from what we hear, total false advertising for the area, but it made for two beautiful days.  Our last night there we had a fabulous dinner out on the water and watched the sunset.  Seattle was beautiful!

After another night at Nico's, we began the long trek home.  We visited a small family vineyard, made off with some fantastic wine and then headed out to the Oregon Coast - GORGEOUS!  It was a long journey made longer due to the fires in Northern CA - we couldn't cut over to the 5 - so we stayed on the coast all the way to San Francisco!  It was a 15 hour day, but we made it home safe and sound and in our right minds - for the most part.

All in all it was a perfect trip.  We took hundreds of photos - but you can see some of the highlights here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Isa's first two months

My first Blog

Hi friends and family!  We finally decided to start a blog, to keep in touch and to chronicle this new journey called parenthood . . .I (andrea) am notoriously bad at keeping up stuff like this, but my determination is strong - I will do my best to update regularly this summer.

Isa is sleeping soundly, that's because it's the middle of the day of course, if it were nighttime, she'd be up wanting to eat/play etc.  But I'm not in the mood for a nap, so since this is my first jaunt with blogspot I will sign off to explore and customize our little site . . .All for now